Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paris Fashion Week is taking place vibrant and bustling. The first day, the names of the talented young designer was impressed with the show unique and different. Day 2, fans of fashion back to multi-dimensional emotional connection with the design of designer born in 1981 - Gareth Pugh. He is a British designer, but worked in France.

It seems that each passing fashion season, the name of this young fashion scene to bring the breath of fresh, interesting and strange. However, it seems that all of the Gareth Pugh show are the reproduction of a string of mysterious tales that inspired and spiritual power.

Going into the details, the costumes make the viewers feel like the designers have put together the pieces together and shape, with folds forming the hinge. Fabric, coarse, hard, feels like plastic blocks were linked together, forming the square box.

When looking at the costumes, many people often think of the general powers of the ancient dynasty. With the elbow straight line segments embrace smooth white woman's body, the viewer is easy to think of the horror of ancient Egyptian mummies. The volume of raw fabric draping and discrete angles create a square frame sometimes feels like the fence of the yard light.

Same design impressive sights in Paris FW Spring Summer2012:


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