Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shortly after has not been long on 12 / 9 in Brazil, Miss Universe Leila Lopes has been a newspaper of Argentina is forging papers elements and fraud in examinations. 

Recently, the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has formally denied the accusations were unfounded, so the crown of Miss has not been shaken like rumors. 

New Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes was interviewed and she denied rumors of fraud in the profile 

Beauty in Angola Leila Lopes crowned Miss Universe contest in 2011 as an unexpected surprise of many. However, the joy of this beauty is not how long, some newspapers reported that Miss Tan had to forge documents for indications of fraud and crowned best in the competition. Leila Lopes had the risk of crown will be cut if the above information is true. 
According to a newspaper of Argentina, said Leila Lopes did not live in the UK as in the registration dossier her, so she could be crowned at the Miss United Kingdom 2010 Angola, which is a beautiful arena for Angola women living in England. According to the newspaper's allegations, the reason Leila Lopes win in the competition thanks to the sponsorship of a man named Charles Mukano. This man has helped Angola beautiful completing all paperwork legally, and even go "back door" to the jury to get the crown. 

The article also claims that, Mukano had faked documents to validate Leila is a student of the MBA at a school in England. So, she has enough criteria to Angola for Miss United Kingdom, then at the Miss Universe contest this year. 

Ignore "hammer ax" wave of public opinion and claim the crown stripped, the new Miss Universe is still actively involved in activities such as interviewing, filming, advertising 

"Hammer ax" public opinion continues to surround Tan Miss Universe 2011, when then some Latin American newspapers also made allegations that Leila Lopes is not a pure African woman. According to the newspaper's analysis, Leila Lopes is actually a native of Cuba, she speaks Spanish very well. 

After a period of silence to learn the job, the last Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has officially denied the information on the Miss Leila Lopes. Miss Universe representative said the information alleged fraud by Leila Lopes is no basis, because this organization to work with Chairman Miss Angola is tenla Renato Guttler, they have never heard the name Charles Mukano. 

New Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes also had a live interview on television and the official spokesman of the scandal surrounding her. She claimed to not cheat in examinations and records. "I was Miss Universe organization to pay for all necessary documents that require competition. I do everything legally, "said Leila Lopes. 

Currently, Miss busy tasks such as taking pictures, recording the ad. She has a visit to New York, where she will reside within a year incumbent Miss Universe 2011. Then Miss will to Singapore and Indonesia. 

Miss Universe contest this year is considered not very smooth because too many concerns about the Miss USA scandal as cosmetic surgery, many said Miss nude, Miss Colombia is not wearing underwear when attending events culture, to the many faces in the morning was kind of raised doubts about the arrangement of the contest. Scandal of the New Miss Universe 2011 despite being denied, but it has also contributed to the negative balance of the contest unhappy.
The latest pictures of the new beauty queen when visitingSiriusXM studio in New York, Thursday 21 / 9:


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