Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ngoc Diep, whose real name Dinh Ngoc Diep (born October 11, 1984) is a model, actor, journalist, stylist, editor and MC in the Vietnamese program . She was first known as the author of six periodic reports entitled "Model World " as a trainee in the editorial of Youth Newspaper. Although raised acute problems of the modeling in the article above, but then she has appeared with this role and a MC for the Fashion and life program at channel HTV7. At the same time,She won both TayDo Miss in 2004 and Vietnam model award in 2006 for the category "favorite model year.
After successed in the fashion, she received the lead role in two dramas, including ""Anh chi co minh em" (2006) of The Lasta and Hoa Da Quy (2007) of The M & T Pictures. However, two of these films received negative reviews from TV critics both the content and her action was so "immaturity" . Untill in 2008, she continued playing "An" in "Mua Thuy Tinh" also of M & T Pictures and get most of the positive reviews, many critics praised the acting of Ngoc Diep and that "her acting skills are better in each movie". in 2009, she started to perform comedy dramas called "Wedding Heaven" of Thien Ngan Film Studio and the screened on Channel HTV9. Although not large, but critics said that Ngoc Diep mature far more than the previous films.
In addition to television career, she was involved in the film industry with the film won the Golden Kite prizes ,expatriates Love Story in 2008. By 2011, she participated in a total four films including "ghost School" , "war Brides", "Lenh xoa so" and "Giua hai the gioi". In particular, the first two films were selected for release in the Lunar New Year 2011 "between two worlds"and "Ghost School" and now have a total of 6, 5 billion after 10 days of presentation, while the "Lenh xoa so" was shown in April 2011 and received mixed reviews fierce critic of the Vietnam.
In 2011, Ngoc Diep is currently editor-cum-designer for Youth Fashion magazine, continues her education with a second major of International Relations and the end of 2011 will graduate


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