Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angela Baby is known for beautiful pictures and perfect on the internet before officially entered the entertainment industry. She who brings in European and Asian descent, owns a perfect beauty, holiness and sweetness.
The perfect picture of AngelaBaby had ever been the subject to debate on the pages of newspapers and online community. Especially, when the school photos of Angela revealed, more netizens said that the screen jade of Hong Kong entertainment industry are "products" of cosmetic surgery
Besides, the story love was not clear between her and the famous actor Huang Xiaoming of China also makes the name of Angela Baby become a really big character in many parts of Asia.
In 2010, Angela Baby is determined to conquer audience the art of Saturday. She appeared in consecutive with the films genres as diverse, ranging from Princess to gentle good waiters ... Angela Baby is gradually proved her acting ability to assert that she does not need a famous boyfriend or the scandal as "springboard" to fame.


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