Monday, October 24, 2011

Recently, young actress Ariel was causing confusion for many fans when announced she will withdrew from the entertainment industry at a time when reputations are at the peak. After the tumultuous was surrounded last drama  "May I Not Love You", the audience even more worried about this beautiful actress. Emotional response of the fans, Ariel recently conducted an interview to share about  her future plans.
Ariel is 30 years old, compared to other actors, she has achieved much desirable success. Dubbed the "Xiao Tian Hau" Made in Taiwan, Ariel was adored by audiences in the light image,  very unique lovable.
Revealed in the interview, Ariel shared that she wanted to marry and have children at 35 years old. She added the woman at the age of 30 want to eliminate what is not appropriate for her life. Future, Ariel will not appear on film or stage, but spent most of time for trips and family.

With Taiwan actress what she most desires is not at the halo of fame that was to be on the side and care for loved ones. If properly met the love of her life, Ariel would not hesitate to build families and have beautiful children fo his
The next date of his life, Ariel wanted to spend it for learning musical instruments, reading texts and exercise routine to maintain health. Even when the body is not feeling well, Ariel also desires that will live well for the fans not to worry.


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