Friday, October 28, 2011

Fukuda Saki talks about her hard-boiled image in the drama “Quartet”
Today TBS held a press conference for their upcoming night drama "Quartet" starring Fukuda Saki and Matsushita Yuya.

Especially Fukada had to undergo quite a transformation for her very first role as hard-boiled young woman. For her role she graces a full-body tattoo, piercings and blond hair. "It feels like a whole different me. You can see a Fukada Saki you have never seen before," she spoke enthusiastically about her role. "Quartet" is a crime-action drama based on the universe of a novel of the same name by Osawa Arimasa, but with an entirely new story. It focuses on 3 young people with a truly scattered past and a person from the police that hired them to infiltrate a huge crime organization.It is Fukada's first drama in which she has to make use of weapons.

She said, "I've never even hit a person and was really nervous, but I've trained it a lot." About the appearance of her role she added, "At first it felt really uncomfortable, but it was interesting to become a completely different person. People around me even have told me that I look good with the blond hair." Further she revealed that it takes 3 and a half hour to create her full-body tattoo, but she knows that it is all for the sake of the authenticity of her play. She said, "It is a very important element for transforming into my role. The tattoo is like a switch." For her co-star, R&B singer Matsushita it is the very first time to appear in a drama. "It is my absolute first time, but I'm having a lot of fun." About Fukuda he said, "During the filming it is no problem, but during the breaks it is still difficult for me to have eye contact with a girl. I never know where to look whenever the camera isn't rolling." Fukuda has noticed the same thing. "During the filming we really are on the same wavelength," but unfortunately it is still getting awkward as soon as the camera is gone. She added, "We actually  have a lot in common, we are of the same age, we act and we both sing." For the rest of the month the team is going to Taiwan to film a couple of scenes there and both of the actors hope that they will be able to get more comfortable with each other while being abroad.
As announced a month ago, Kamikawa Takaya and Natsuna are going to complete the quartet. "Quartet" is going to premier on January 18th and air every night from Tuesday to Wednesday at 1 am.


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