Friday, October 21, 2011

Eric Moon and Han Ye-seul both die?
The tenth episode of KBS 2TV drama “Spy MyeongWol” on the 9th doubled tracked the fate of Eric Moon and Han Ye-seul like a picture.
Han Myeong-wol (Han Ye-seul) was cast with a close call to the drama “Shiri 2″ and was able to be closer to Kang Woo (Eric Moon). She was able to kill him more easily. However ironically, Han Myeong-wol got the role of a female spy in the drama and she had to act out approaching a man intentionally to kill him. In other words, she had to act out her actual situation 100%.
The director told her, “Your role is to take all means necessary to take out the order to kill him but find yourself in love with him without knowing it. The female spy is a killer but she realized real love”. These feelings were exactly what Myeong-wol was going through and confused about.
She asked the director about the ending. He said, “The spy shoots the man and herself. It’s sorrowful that way”. This meant that Han Myeong-wol would be acting out the end she will be facing soon herself.
With a trembling heart, she asked Kang Woo, “What would you do if this was a real situation?” Kang Woo then replied strictly, “It would be unforgivable”. His answer increased curiosity to what will happen in the end.


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