Monday, October 24, 2011

The singer hit Hong Kong has shocked the public in recognizing same-"S" relationship with a female colleague Ha Van Thi
Joey admits lesbian love with her female colleague
The part days, alot of mass media has reported on the gender of Joey after she heavily won in the award ceremony's most prestigious music Hong Kong.
His popularity makes private life of Joey's always in sight of journalists. From time to step into the entertainment, this multi-talented singer has always been involved in the scandal with her best friend, Van Thi Ha. Joey and Ha Thi Van've known each other for 12 years and have a profound impact on the lives of other individuals.


Ha Van Thi
Before the rumors pointing straight into this relationship, Hong Kong diva loudly confirms on the press the about her "S": "Love is something very sacred and should not be limited by the prejudices about homo-ual relationship. I think the love of homo-uals were also normal. I want to find someone that I can share thoughts about their day. "
Speaking about Van Thi Ha, Joey said: "She was always an inspiration to me. She made me more courage and more faith in life and her work. "
The relationship of the two friends were no longer normal
In Hong Kong entertainment industry, known for its Ha Van Thi style "half-man half-woman" and was many times that rocked the media by frantic gay stories . Ha Van Thi  had answered reporters that: "Now, we should not be a stigma of orientation at all. There are many people who become gay and after they has tried getting married
Joey is one of the most popular singers the music Hoa language this time, she will be next made the DIVA project with actor Hu Ge. The revelations about her "S" with Ha Van Thi  was once again sparked the debate about romance of the stars in the artistic world.


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