Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photo's Kim Tae Hee and Lee Dae Hae filled in providing web "call girl"
The fan was very shocked to hear this news.
 The fan of Kim Tae Hee was "shocked the whole set" before the website of illegally prostitutes business in the UK posted photos of this actor with stunning information. A picture of Kim Tae Hee tight leather miniskirts have been collected and published together with information of a Hong Kong girl called Shatoya. Under the photo caption also recorded: height 170cm, measurements are 76-62-76 (3 round) , black eyes and hair, 22, who lives in London and able to communicate in English.

In case of beautifull woman Lee Dae Hae is similar. Her images are used to attach the "resume" of a call girl 24 years old, also in Hong Kong. The site also indicate the price "service" by the hour and overnight.
Also pictures of Lee Dae Hae and Kim Tae Hee, black sites also use a photo of Japanese and Chinese actors to do illustrations.
Needless to say their fans was so "furious" when they knew this information. "How do the company have to do, I let this situation not to happen," "If necessary, they must be sue, this is an action not acceptable"
Before this incident, a representative of Lee Dae Hae said, "We have much experience with it. The same thing happened in China. We have resolved, after consulting with the Association of Chinese artists. the case this time, we figured out a solution and will end a most satisfactory manner. "


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