Friday, October 28, 2011

Singer and actor Lee Seung Ki, who had appeared with Kang Ho Dong on the KBS 2TV variety program "Happy Sunday - Two Days and One Night" and on the SBS variety program "Strong Heart," stated his opinion on October 26, "The vacancy of Kang Ho Dong will not be filled by anyone in the future." He participated in a press conference held in Seongsudong on October 26 to commemorate the release of his fifth album. What he said was an answer for a question by a news reporter who had asked, "Many people are saying that Lee Seung Ki successfully filled the empty place where Kang Ho Dong had stood before. What do you think?"

Since Kang announced his temporary retirement, Lee has been hosting "Strong Heart," which he had previously hosted together with Kang, as the sole MC. Lee explained, “Viewers might have felt the same way that I think. The vacancy of Kang Ho Dong will hardly be filled. I am not trying to fill his shoes, but I am trying to host the program with the mindset that I will learn everything one by one. The harmony with the other cast members is really important on an entertainment program. Any individual member cannot decide the success of a program. Those programs in which I appear, “Two Days and One Night” and “Strong Heart,” could only become popular thanks to the other members such as Lee Kyung Sil and Cho Hye Ryeon, who helped me. It would be difficult for them to decide to appear on a program that a 25-year old man hosts as an MC, but they willingly appeared on the program and helped me in many ways.”

In addition, Lee Seung Ki said about Kang Ho Dong, “I think that I met an excellent senior entertainer in the entertainment industry. Many things happened between us and I could learn many things from Kang, including skills and the mindset required for entertainment programs by looking at what he did while we worked together.” Lee also added that we would maintain his attitude of learning more about the mindset needed to fill Kang’s vacancy in the future.

Lee Seung Ki will resume his activities as a singer after a two-year break by releasing his fifth album entitled “Tonight” at midnight on October 27.


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