Friday, October 14, 2011

Robin Wright in that movie was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. On par with the beauty of Grace Kelly in "Rear Window". She's always been insanely pretty, but in that movie she truly fit the description of a classic princess. Absolutely breathtaking.
Robin always had a very strong sense of herself, and yet there was always a sense of mystery about her as well. I'm sure everybody fell a little bit in love with Robin on the shoot, whether we were attached or not.
Divorce good for career?
Robin Wright Penn thinks her career will benefit from her impending divorce from Sean Penn.
The actress - who filed for divorce from the Oscar-winning actor in August citing irreconcilable differences - is keen to focus on acting now she is single and the couple's children, Dylan, 18, and 16-year-old Hopper, are older.
She told Redbook magazine: "I turned down so many films because I wanted to be a mom that they stopped offering. I gave up a lot for my kids, but I didn't give up ... I'm very content with the way it all turned out.
"I have no regrets for my life that has been lived. New beginnings, definitely. For me, my career too. My kids are older now."
Robin, 43, also spoke about her anger over her marriage split becoming public news.
She said: "It never feels good. Yes, it's divorce; it's a given that it will be public. But... it's so disrespectful. Its like, 'You're an actress, you owe us this?' F*** you is what I say."
In April, Sean filed for separation from Robin but a month later asked California's Marin County Superior Court to dismiss the case claiming it was an "arrogant mistake".
It was not the first time the couple had announced they were divorcing only to change their minds.
Sean, 49, first filed for divorce in December 2007, but his petition was dismissed. Three days later Robin filed her own paperwork.
However, in April 2008, they made a request to have their divorce petition dismissed as they wanted to give their relationship another chance.


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