Friday, October 21, 2011

Song Hye Kyo, currently receiving many favorable reviews for her film Today (directed by Lee Jung Hyang), said she had never used tear sticks so far. Tear stick, called as “artificial tear” by actors, is one of the essential props for actors who often need to shoot crying scenes in a very short time.
Song Hye Kyo said at the interview with TV Report, “I don’t mean that I’m a good actress because I have never used tear sticks but I actually haven’t.” She said it was because she couldn’t take crying scenes if she didn’t cry for real in every moment.”
She added, “if I can perfectly create emotional scenes using tear sticks it will be great, but I’m an actress who can’t do that. I think that maybe is because I have been trained like that since my debut.” She played a lively character in dramas such as Full House, but she is often remembered as an actress who often played sad roles and well created crying scenes along with Shim Eun Ha.
For the reason that crying scenes were specially a lot in Today, “it wasn’t that many in the first screenplay. The director was often overwhelmed by me because I just cried in many scenes without even knowing it. We just took the scenes in many versions and I think the director added a few more crying scenes in editing,” answered Song Hye Kyo.
For the question about how much she was satisfied with this film, she answered, “there are no actors who can dare to give good grades on their films. This film, too. When I watched it from the third party’s point of view, it wasn’t quite satisfying. I sometimes watch reruns of Autumn Fairy Tale, All In, and Full House on cable channels and I often get so embarrassed.”

Song Hye Kyo is playing a documentary producer, who lost her fiance (played by Ki Tae Young) by a teenage boy, in this film. She forgives the boy, but as she finds out that he committed another crime instead of regretting what he did, she gets confused. She perfectly described her character’s emotions in this film.Today will be released on the 27th.
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