Friday, November 25, 2011

-Name: Ariel
-English name: Ariel Lin
-Chinese name: 林依晨 - Lin Yi Chen
-Nickname: Chocolate
-Birth: 29/10/1982
-Star sign: Scorpio
Blood Group: A
Height: 160 cm
-Weight: 43kg
-Education: National University ChengChi (specialized in Korean)
-Hobbies: Reading books, movies, swimming, travel, music, singing, dancing, shopping, housekeeping, acting, learning English
-The most popular dish: the dishes cooked by my mother, mineral water, chocolate, beefsteak, fruits and vegetables
-Favorite color: Black, White, Silver
-Favorite movie: Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars III
-Pets: dog, pet mouse
-Admire: Meng Ying Xiu,Zhang Man Yu, Luong Trieu Vy , Winnie Cuu Huu Ninh, Xu Zao Ren
-Type as desired: the paranoid - the crazy-historical
-The most memorable anniversary: IU mice and puppies you "died".
First saw his face in magazines and television.


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