Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goo Hye Sun was born on 09.11.1984 at Inchon, Korea. She began to work with  singing. The first she went to SM Entertainment, but she found the training here is inconsistent with her​​. She was found to YG Entertainment, but she did not pass the test by stage fright. YG president Yang Hyun Suk was told she should be by way of acting. And she started acting job by participating in the TV series Nonstop 5 and Drama city. But the biggest turning point in her acting career when it starred in the drama "Pure 19". Through movie she won "best New Actress" in the KBS drama award 2006

Only after the success of idol drama "Boys over Flowers" actress Goo Hye Sun, 23 suddenly become the star who TV Asia audience is very favorite .

Really had too many names for Goo Hye Sun: actress, writer, musician, painter and director. It seems she is a talented young, nothing is impossible. And if there is an date have an article said that Goo became astronauts universe, I also do not get surprised.


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