Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last days, beauty contests winners are facing nightmares after being crowned.

As we had reported here before, the 1st runner-up Miss Dominican Republic Universe '12, Dulcita Lieggi, took the coveted dominican crown after Carlina Duran's dethronement. The actual winner, better known as Carola, admitted that she is divorced what breaks the pageant rules.

Dulcita Lieggi

Dulcita was not the only lucky one though. Similar situations occurred in Ireland, Sri Lanka and Bulgaria:

Miss Ireland World '12 Top 3.

Maire Hughes was stripped of her Miss Ireland World '12 title, few days after winning the crown.
Organisers confirmed that Ms Hughes will be outside the age limit by the time the Miss World competition takes place in August and as a result, the title was given to the first runner-up, Rebecca Maguire.
Rebecca Maguire

Vinu Udani Siriwardhana who was initially declared Miss Sri Lanka World '12 saw her dreams crumbling when the organisers made an announcement that there was a calculation error. The real winner was Sumudu Prasadini.
Sumudu Prasadini

The title is now shared by Vinu and Sumudu as joint winners, but who will represent Sri Lanka in Miss World is Sumudu, while Vinu will have to wait to participate in another international beauty pageant before the end of this year.

At the event held for the panel of judges, Noeline Honter (judge) said she was shocked when the announcement was made saying that Vinu was the winner.

"Though we voted individually I had the feeling that the title winner must be Sumudu. After the event we talked to each other and as there was some doubt about the winner we informed the Derana management that there must be a mistake in the final decision. We got together the very next day and the management also realised that there was a mistake in the calculation. However, being a member of the panel of judges, I'm really glad that Derana (organization) had the courage to accept the mistake and decide that there should be joint winners without causing any heartache to the winner who was selected earlier".
Vinu Udani Siriwardhana

Ina Macheva had her Miss Bulgaria World '12 crown revoked after it was established that a hacker attack had manipulated the online vote of the audience turning the rankings.

The first runner-up Gabriela Vassileva is the new Miss Bulgaria World.
Gabriela Vassileva

The audience vote counted as 3 points, but a check of the organizers revealed the manipulation and showed that Vassileva was actually one point ahead of Mancheva.

The votes for Mancheva had come in large numbers from some very distant places in Asia such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

"This decision is hurting my self-esteem, but made me wiser... This pageant must be honest. I wish Gabriela luck at the world contest. I feel offended because these results had to be checked earlier," Mancheva commented.
Ina Macheva

Summing up, the new winners are:

Dominican Republic Universe '12: Dulcita Lieggi
Ireland World '12: Rebecca Maguire
Sri Lanka World '12: Sumudu Prasadini
Bulgaria World '12: Gabriela Vassileva

Joy for some, nightmares for others.


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