Saturday, May 26, 2012


Actually, it was a tie between Delaware and Texas. A tie-breaking voting gave the first spot for Delaware, by just one vote ahead.
All Top 4 girls are undeniably great in the aspects judged until now that are overall beauty, body shape and interviews.

Miss South Dakota's enchanting smile and figure deserves our attention.

Miss Rhode Island was a bit disappointing during this first week, mainly her official photos were less than expected. But she's still a contender to watch out during the preliminary competition.

There are lots of bodies to die for in the competition regardless being not of top favorites, such as Virginia and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania is a girl "with brain" and excellent body shape. She has also a large experience in pageants aquired during seven years competing. Her age provides a high level of maturity nonetheless also delivers a facial beauty less fresh comparing to other contestants which may be her Achilles' heel.


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