Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey guys! We finally have our Final Hot Picks Miss USA 2012! See the final results:

Miss USA 2012: Texas, Brittany Booker

1st runner-up: Michigan, Kristen Danyal

2nd runner-up: Louisiana, Erim Edmiston

3rd runner-up: Ohio, Audrey Bolte

4th runner-up: Georgia, Jazz Wilkins

Nevada, Jade Kelsall
Tennesse, Jessica Hilber
South Dakota, Taylor Neisen
Alabama, Katherine Webb
New York, Johanna Sambucini

New Jersey, Michelle Leornado
Delaware, Krista Clausen
Maryland, Nana Meriwether
Connecticut, Marie-Lynn Pisticelli
Illinois, Ashley Hooks
Indiana, Mega Myrehn

Who will be the next Miss USA 2012?


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