Saturday, June 9, 2012

The four men who were caught having "S" with high-class prostitutes at two hotels in District 1 on June 2 are not well-known in business circles, according to Phap Luat Ho Chi Minh City Newspaper.

They run small-sized real estate companies in a rural district, the newspaper said.

The clients are identified as T.V.T., 52, D.V.M., NVN, 52, and TTH, all hailing from Binh Chanh district.

In addition to these four, investigators also revealed the names of some ‘real’ rich men who are familiar clients of the "S" ring. Among them are K., a media tycoon, and C., a real estate tycoon.

Long-legged girls: a gift for business relations

In related news, police in Ho Chi Minh City continue to hold Miss Vo Thi My Xuan and three other pimps who have been accused of running a high-class prostitution ring of beauties, models, and actresses.

They told investigators that the ring was initially found by Tran Quang Mai, a female barber and bar waitress in downtown HCMC, and Le Quang Tuan Anh, a make-up artist.

Mai knew many rich men who consider long-legged prostitutes a hobby or a gift for their business partners. Thus, Mai tried to hunt down beautiful ‘prey’ and in the process she met Tuan Anh, who maintains a good relationship with a wide circle of beauties and models in local showbiz. Their business relations began then.

According to the investigators, before their arrest, Mai and Anh had provided long-legged girls to clients nationwide and provided "S" tours abroad.

In May, 2012, Tuan Anh procured My Xuan for a client. They had "S" at Xuan’s rented house in District 2. Mai, the main broker, paid Anh $100 and VND1 million, and paid Xuan $1,000 for the deal.

On June 2, My Xuan provided L.T.Y.D, a runner-up in a beauty contest, and N.T.M.N, a model, to clients at a price of $1,500 per person in which she took $500 each deal.

On the same day, Mai and Nguyen Huu Dat, a male driver for an event organizing company in the city, and an unidentified person, procured L.T.T.H, a “Internet famous” young girl and a student for clients at $2,500 and VND5 million ($250) per appointment respectively. 

The prostitutes were caught in the act after police raided two hotels in the city downtown.

Investigators said they are probing into an overseas "S" tour charging tens of thousands of dollars per trip that involves two “famed” characters in the local entertainment industry.


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