Friday, July 13, 2012

By: Edgar A. Petallo 

Brimming with the breathtaking lush of flower-filled gardens skillfully sculpted and passionately fashioned, christened the vast 600 acres land area of what is now popularly known as the biggest and the most beautiful botanical garden in South-East Asia.

Situated in Pattaya, Thailand this magnificent tropical paradise is beaming with colorful flowers delicately arranged and carefully carved with perfect symmetrical patterns and dimensions - visually enchanting to the naked eyes!

Here you can find a wide-variety of gardens inspired from the different countries across the globe. You will be left amazed and mesmerized starting from the the French gardens - the order over nature "Jardin a la Francaise" down to the Italian Renaissance styled set of gardens as well as the traditional Asian tropical bed of ornamental flowers. You couldn't also be quite unaware with Thailand's greatest collections of orchids along with the largest varieties of palms and woody plants known as cycads.

Roaming around the area seemed like I was in a fantasy land but the scorching heat of the sun had been keeping my sanity back to reality. Better yet you have to be in a complete gear with all of the sun protection formulas most especially during the dog days of summer so as not to spoil your trip. Nonetheless, you would still enjoy the marvelous creations as your eyes will be filled with such splendid beauty.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway or perhaps some eco-tourism themed adventures with your friends or loved ones, then this incredible park is most probably the best place to go. It offers not only those impressive gardens featuring its awe-inspiring scenery but also the country's cultural heritage and the popular Thai traditional dances. Elephant shows, wildlife experience and even sports car expo are included as its main attractions. 

Nongnooch Botanical Garden is not just all about displaying its glamour and splendor for the world to see. Yes visiting this place is more than just strolling in a tropical wonderland. While you will be left in awe with its beauty, this man-made paradise conveys a very firm message that we are all God's stewards in the preservation of our own biophysical environment.

**Photo Credit: Mr. Sherwin Sibala
**Post-Processed/Edited: BoyetGarEd


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