Sunday, July 1, 2012

      By: Edgar A. Petallo 

Amidst the gridlocked schedule of our seemingly mundane routines, we have managed to pull out ourselves from each of our solitary confinement to meet and spend the Sabbath together at Bangkok Adventist International Church - miles away from my place of abode. Obviously, this meet & greet session wasn't a piece of cake since each had been busy like a bee in our chosen careers as well as in our personal daily ramblings. Had we lost our interests and the so called special bonds closely-knitted since our college years, this meeting would have been quite impossible. 

Beauties with a purpose - Jomai Arnaiz & Mary Danielle Cuenca graciously pose for an iPad celebrity shot. Lol!

Suffice to say,  a little excitement caught my nerves  as I trudged my way to the venue.You see, I haven't seen these faces for years and we haven't been updated with each of our present affairs and future endeavors. Nostalgic thoughts run through my head as I vividly recall those fondest memories and even those awkward moments during the college years of our quest for nursing education at the top of the hill. 'Twas fun indeed conversing with them, exchanging some sensible thoughts about the endless challenges & realities of life after graduation,  chatting trivially about our batch-mates' love affairs, marriages & even their theatrical dramas.

Klement buddies (Czar Pascua and Franz Calipusan) RN turned happy teachers in the land of smiles.

Brainstorming about our much awaited "Adventure with a Purpose themed Backpacking Ministry" in Cambodia took the center stage of our discussion. This charitable cause was originally coined by our ministry-minded classmates in an effort to visit a poverty-stricken orphanage in Cambodia and be a channel of blessings in the best possible way we can. After all we call ourselves as "Klement"a special group of young gifted nurses with the "The Gentle Hands" ever ready to work for God in His vineyard to touch lives and be of greater service to others.

Myself with the multi-skilled Klement/RN displaying their flamboyant necktie (L-R: Franz Calipusan, Regin Reyno & Jayrald Banogon)

Hopefully, we would be able to live up to our name as well as to the tasks & responsibilities expected ahead of us. It is our earnest prayers  that this altruistic mission trip we have carefully planned would come to fruition and that many more souls - precious young souls! will be blessed through the Klement's gentle - loving hands. Challenges and even seemingly insurmountable dilemmas may eventually surface but if we remain true to our faith and adhere to God's calling then this benevolent cause would never fail. "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!" 'Till we meet again!

**Special Thanks to Mr. Regin Reyno and Franz Calipusan who have exerted greater efforts to make this project possible. A heartfelt gratitude for all the Klement around the globe who have donated some cash for this charitable mission trip. May God bless you bountifully in many ways. Cheers!


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