Friday, July 6, 2012

Her reign lasted less than a week. The Miss Peru World 2012, Melissa Paredes, announced this afternoon that resignes her crown because the harsh criticisms of her choice "greatly affected" her family.

"I'm not a showgirl and a dancer, I have nothing against those jobs. I'm Melissa Paredes, a woman who works to raise her family and I want Peru to know me. But I also want to announce that I give up my crown, "said program on the set of "Dos Sapos, Una Reina".

"That's my decision. I don't think you need a crown to be somebody. My family is affected by this (criticism), for them and for me, I resign the crown. Nobody has a right to criticize me for photos or my work as a model" she said.

Tito Paz, organizer of the event, admitted to feel embarrassed by the decision of Paredes. "I'm telling her she has a lifetime ahead and she will have the full support of the entire organization".

Days ago, Paredes went out to defend her crown in tears after the storm of criticism she received for her election, including those of Magaly Medina, who called it "worthless" and "bataclana" for making a sexy photo shoot years ago.
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