Thursday, July 26, 2012


What a sight to behold gazing at Queenierich Rehman wearing the most talked about Michael Cinco Creation!  She looked so regal and exuded an aura of superb elegance as she gracefully glided the stage to the delight of the spectators. I just couldn't help it but  be left enamored by how she carried herself well with the fabulous red masterpiece. Even the Miss World Live Blogger posted that the Philippines' gown was stunning!

A glimpse of Queenie's back. Hair was pulled up to highlight the Pintados'-inspired intricate designs.

A total of 117 beauty queens from different nationalities participated and strutted their respective designer gowns during the Miss World Fashion Show held last night in Shanghai, China.The said event acknowledged the creations which reflect the country's creativity, originality and the cultural heritage that the candidate is representing.

So far, with all the events that have transpired it really seemed that our Queen is giving such an impressive performance. Would she be able to emerge victorious in her quest to give the Philippines its first Miss World crown? Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

Elegance is written all over her face.

Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman strikes a pose together with the lovely delegates in their designer gowns.


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