Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Binibining Pilipinas - Universe : Janine Marie Raymundo Tugonon

It seemed to be a "Great Disappointment" by majority of the pageant aficionados when this Thomasian lass was crowned Miss Philippines-Universe over the crowd's heavy favorite Mary Jean Lastimosa who swept away two legendary major awards as Miss PAL and Miss Avon but was utterly left from behind clapping during the most awaited coronation moment. It is interesting to note that both secured higher placements during last year's Binibining Pilipinas won by the pageant rookie named Shamcey Supsup who eventually emerged as Miss Universe 3rd Runner-up with her Tsunami signature catwalk.

 Despite the fans' loathing displeasure over her rumored Stella Araneta-appointed win, I am still optimistic that she can pull a surprise and  hopefully continue the two-year consecutive streak of the Philippines in the world's most prestigious beauty pageant.


**Interview Skills -  Given her academic credential as college Pharmacy Cum Laude from Asia's oldest existing university - UST it is no surprise at all that she could express herself well with spontaneity and could crack up some tough round of the nerve-racking question and answer portion with aplomb.

 **Exotic Beauty - She may not be facially captivating but with proper styling techniques she seemed to fit the mold of an exotic-looking Asian Goddess. Her morena features coupled with well-defined jaw, beige skin tone and fierce yet enigmatic eyes can be her perfect weapon. 

**Catwalk Skills - With all the runway and modeling footwork skills she learned throughout her reign as last year's First Runner-up, she must have mastered the art of gliding gracefully on stage. All she needs to do now is to create her own signature catwalk that will hold the crowd spellbound. It may not be as historical as compared with her last predecessor but something that is quite authentic and conspicuously striking.


**Interview Skills - Although she can easily give a quick spontaneous answer to every question hurled at her, she seemed too rehearsed and lacked some sort of sincerity and conviction. Based on the previous editions of Miss Universe, the judges don't seem to favor those girls who gave such pageant-patty answers. However given her wit and intelligence I am somehow confident that she can efficiently work on this area to her advantage.

**Body - It's sad but her body at the moment doesn't scream Miss Universe! This is her biggest waterloo and could definitely hurt her chances should she become too slack in achieving those bombshell stunning curves and drop-dead gorgeous figure. When she strutted during the pageant's night swimsuit round, I could vividly see through the screen those flabs rebounding to my sight's disgust! With Miss Universe swiftly taking place on the month of December, I am hoping that she could work her ass out to tone up those abs and muscles in time..:-)


Janine Marie RaymundoTugonon may not have won the heart of the majority to don the sash of the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Universe season finale, however I still believe that she ain't such a bad choice to represent the country. Her track record says, she is an achiever and with that in mind, we can safely assume that this woman will bend over backwards to get what she wants. She is very determined to put all her detractors in silence and convince the doubting Thomases. She is a diamond in the rough currently being groomed and polished to succeed triumphantly and become a worthy ambassador of the Philippine archipelago. As good luck charm comes in three, who knows she could be destiny's anointed one?


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