Monday, August 6, 2012


My eyes rolled with excitement when I discovered not just another conventional humdrum place to dine and wine but ostensibly Bangkok's best and well-designed outdoor restaurant. At first glance one might inevitably conclude that the picturesque scenery is geographically located somewhere in the western hemisphere of the globe. But truth to be told, the place is accurately situated in the northeastern side of Asia's city of angels. 

 The European-inspired dining park is fashioned with the neo-classical architectural designs most commonly found in the western world. The gallery wouldn't be complete without the 18th century Victorian-styled street clock/clock tower, the famous Roman chapel, and eye candy-colored shops. 
The towering form of the old barney lighthouse that rose from the immaculately manicured lawns and lilies-decorated lake is just spectacular. The place also features the miniature version of the world-renowned Grand canal of Venice Italy - such a lovely scene watching those beautiful ducklings playfully following  the mother duck in procession behind the gondolas and venetian boats.
Chocolate Ville offers a wide selection of 300 different dishes and approximately 200 drinks you would surely love and enjoy. Might as well try the seared foie gras with peach blueberry sauce or caramel sauce, deep fried fish, spaghetti carbonara, and the Hawaiian pizza minus the pork. For the health-conscious vegetarians the well known Thai cuisine Somtam with mixed fruits is highly recommended.  

The romantic ambiance is perfect for the honeymooners and snuggled up lovebirds . Although the place is heavily infused with the locals especially an hour before sunset, the area is big enough to accommodate around 500 diners. The only bugbear is the way getting there since it is quite far from Bangkok's central districts plus the incommodious gridlocked traffic on the afternoon is a pain in the neck. Should you wish to brave it, Chocolate Ville is specifically located in the downtown area just beside the Kaset Nawamen road. It opens from 4PM until 10PM. For further information, you may take a look at the map posted below. It would also be helpful if you would bring this along and show it to the taxi driver for his convenience.

Soi Nawamin 74 | Kaset-Nawamin Rd., Khlong Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand


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