Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The Pinoy pageant fanatics have another reason to rejoice as their bet Miss Queenierich Rehman is once again making huge waves in Miss World Talent finals. The Philippine delegate brilliantly  beatboxed her way to the Top 5 of Miss World Talent Competition.

The crowd went wild as she vocally percussed with her mike and boxed away some actual drumbeats and hit astounding hip-hop rhythms. Fresh from the top 24 to top 15 performing finalists, Miss Philippines made it to the elite circle of five after a jaw-dropping performance. Norway, Jamaica, Panama and the host country China were among of those equally competitive contenders who penetrated the final 5.

Miss World Top 5 Talent Finalists.

According to Miss Rehman herself (straight from her Facebook page), the Miss World org will pick one from the top 5 who will showcase her talent come coronation night. The said segment will be added in the hope to secure a much higher ratings on the pageant's live coverage..:-) Whom do you think is the most deserving girl to flaunt her talent seen before the audience and billions of televiewers worldwide? 

Miss Philippines up close with Miss China. Both wear congenial smiles. Will beauty transcend beyond politics?

So far, Miss Philippines and the home country girl Miss China is in neck to neck battle in the recently concluded fast-track events. Both were included as finalists in the Top Model, Beach Beauty, and Talent Competition. However with the current territorial dispute between the two countries, do you think that Philippines will fair well on the most awaited crowning moment in China's soil? Questions, questions, questions - these will be left unanswered 'till August 18, 2012.


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