Saturday, August 4, 2012

By: Edgar A. Petallo 

The battle for the world's most stunning delegate  in sizzling hot two-piece bikini has finally begun. 

Beach Beauty Competition is one of Miss World's fast track events and considered to be crucial since the candidate who will emerge as the ultimate beach beauty stunner will advance to the semi-finals on the grandest coronation ball. Whom do you think has the most gorgeous hourglass figure? 

Check out my Top 10 beach beauties who scored high based on physical fitness and enchanting charisma:

1. Miss Wales

2. Miss Mexico

3. Miss Nepal

4. Miss Philippines

5. Miss Ukraine

6. Miss China

7. Miss India

8. Miss Argentina

9. Miss Vietnam

10. Miss Puerto Rico

Photo Credit: Miss World Website, Lesauvage & Uni Corp


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