Sunday, August 5, 2012


**The video above was taken during the Miss World Philippines Talent Final. It's just an idea of what she had performed in the Miss World 2012 Talent Competition..:-)

In the recently concluded Miss World 2012 talent show, the Philippine delegate has earned herself a standing ovation from the mesmerized audience and co-candidates after delivering an electrifying beatboxing performance. 

Out of 116 candidates who graced the talent audition, only 40 were shortlisted. It was eventually narrowed down to 24 and finally cut to top 15 contenders who will compete for the Miss Talent Award. 

Queenierich Rehman made a mark in history as the first beauty queen who brilliantly demonstrated a superb beatboxing skills.

The journey to the most elusive throne takes more than just beauty and intelligence to breeze one's way to the top and stand out from the rest of the aspiring candidates. With her excellent performance in the recent fast-tract events, it had clearly solidified her status as a leading, serious contender for the coveted crown.

**You can send your love and support to our lovely Queen by simply liking her official Facebook Page ( The candidate who can get the highest number of likes will most likely win the Multimedia Award (One of Miss World's Fast-Tract Challenges) and will automatically advance to the semi-finals. 


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