Thursday, August 16, 2012


Who could ever forget this stunning 'mestiza' who breezed her way to the top of the pageant scoreboard with her wit and fascinating charm? During the final round of the make or break question-and-answer portion, this law student was asked, "Which you would rather be, someone who's respected or someone who is loved and why?" Composed and poised she confidently answered, "I would rather be someone respected because that means you maintain your integrity, dignity and self-respect and turn you will be loved by whoever matters and everyone around you." She might have failed to earn a title in her first attempt last 2007 but she came back this year with vengeance and surprised everyone with her flamboyance.

Although she deserved to capture the most coveted crown of Binibining Pilipinas-Universe, many pageant enthusiasts were still amenable with the judges' choice when she settled as Binibining Pilipinas - International. Considering her insightful wit, mesmerizing charisma and effervescing Latina vibes she fits the mold of a perfect contender in the forthcoming Miss International.

 Now, let's have a quick assessment on her chances in her quest to bag the 5th Miss International crown for the Philippines.


Sash Factor: Philippines and Lebanon are the only countries in the continent of Asia to have won the tittle. With four crowns and consecutive semifinal placements, no wonder Philippines is currently dubbed as Asia's beauty pageant powerhouse concerning this pageant. Known for sending delegates with excellent caliber, Philippines will continue to shine in this arena.

Wit & Intelligence: Her answer to the final question is undeniably the one to beat that night and arguably one of the bests in the pageant's history. It was simply convincing and spot on - definitely not the pageant patty kind of way. When she speaks you can initially assess that she has something in between her ears.

Vibrant Personality - An engaging friendly personality comes out naturally for this well-traveled lady. By simply looking at her photos side by side with the sexy sirens, you just can't help but to notice her. She exudes that distinct refreshing aura masqueraded by that infectious megawatt smile. Suffice to say, she connects instantly well with the audience giving her an edge to stand out from the rests.


So far  the only weakness I found in her is that she seems to go over the top. Sometimes her makeup is outrageously done which makes her look like a drag queen and her sensual moves are a bit 'gayish' in nature. These minute flaws may be so small but as what the old adage says, anything in excess does no good. Nevertheless I am perfectly sure that she is currently working on or should I say, she had already found that perfect formula best suited for her. 


Nicole Maturan Schmitz certainly knows the value of preparation and dedication. Achieving the 5th Miss International crown for this pageant-crazy nation may be an uphill task to surmount however considering her exceptional credentials and extensive experience in modelling and pageantry, she will definitely rock the international stage with spirited vigor and bound to leave such remarkable indelible footprints in the "Land of the Rising Sun".


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