Monday, August 20, 2012


If you haven't gone to Italy yet and couldn't wait to indulge yourself in a romantic Italian setting not too far from the city of Bangkok, then you might be interested visiting Palio in the country side of Khao Yai.

Perfectly stationed in the heart of Thailand's wine country, Palio  offers a fantastic atmosphere and brings the feeling of meandering in a real Tuscan villas complete with the picturesque architectural designs in the likes of the well known Piazza clock tower, pastel colored shops, and other Renaissance-styled embellishments adorned with the meticulously manicured gardens.

The Italian-themed shopping center blends practically well with its environment as it is situated in the midst of other European-inspired establishments and resorts, lush green valleys, and seemingly endless vineyards. It contains more than a hundred eye candy colored shops offering a wide variety of exquisite accessories and apparels, winery, cafes, and many more. What a delight to shop or just wander aimlessly in a laidback countryside milieu!

So why not leave the mundane city life behind even just for a while and completely immerse yourself with the simplicity of a fine Tuscan ambiance? Visit Palio now and plunge in such eclectic affinity..:-)

**Palio is located just near Khao Yai National Park approximately 2-3 hours away from Bangkok (barring traffic jam).

                                                                         Photo Credit:

      James de los Reyes
     Anthony Olaer
        Xamantha Alexandra Lee


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