Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Aside from the majestic golden temples and entrancing white sand beaches, the "Land of Smiles" is also known worldwide for its plethora of exotic yet delectable dishes. One of the must-not miss Thai signature gourmets which incorporates the country's four traditional distinctive tastes is the green Papaya salad locally known as "Somtam".

Somtam which literally means "Sour Pounded" is a fiercely spicy salad made from the shredded unripened papaya pounded and beaten in a mortar using a pestle and blended with the array of indispensable ingredients composed of yardlong beans, lime, fish sauce, tomatoes, chunks of crispy cabbage, fiery hot chilli, garlic and palm sugar.

Somtam is one of the country's well loved dishes due to its unmatched spicy taste and exceptional medicinal properties beneficial to one's health. Noteworthy to mention is the powerful digestive enzyme known as papain ingrained in the unripe green papaya. Studies revealed that the said phytochemical is rich in anticancer, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.The enzyme papain effectively breaks down larger proteins into smaller ones enhancing the total digestive process as well as the nutrient absorption of protein-based foods.

Should you have the chance to visit Thailand, eating Somtan served with grilled chicken and steamed rice is one of the best Thai delicacies you shouldn't miss. Definitely an authentic dish with spicy hot nutritional benefits!

Served at 25.00ThB along the country's humble streets, Somtam is now growing in popularity across the globe due to its exquisite antioxidants and awesome fiery taste. Say, "Mai Phed" should you wish to decrease the level of its burning hot spiciness.


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