Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am feeling a bit envious about this guy so I am going to share with you my deepest thoughts about him and perhaps my concealed 'subconscious' admiration constantly evaded and utterly denied in perfect adjuration by the jealous 'conscious' mind.  Well, his name may not ring a bell to your ears and his looks may be quite unfamiliar for some however this gorgeous hunk is undeniably one of the newest promising stars to watch out for in the days to come. 

Seldom you can find an eyecandy celebrity like him who is richly blessed with such extraordinary intellect to compliment well with his alluring countenance. With a towering height of 5'11", captivating smile and bewitching eyes, this seemingly enchanting debonair is literally and figuratively standing tall and proud with his excellent academic credentials. He graduated with flying colors, earning his Bachelors degree in English (Major in Literature) at the University of Guam with an impressive Summa Cum Laude distinction under his belt - the highest honor or recognition given to a graduate with a remarkably outstanding academic performance throughout his college years of education. His parents must have been extra proud and blessed for having an adorable son like him.

He is currently being handled and groomed by the GMA Artist Center co-managed by the Mercator Model and Artist Management in the hopes of becoming one of the finest leading men in the near future. Considering his superior scholastic background, and being the nephew of the country's most sought-after seasoned actor Piolo Pascual, expectations are soaring high for this 'beauty and brains' Kapuso artist. Would he be able to shine brilliantly in the showbiz industry and ace people's expectations? Well I believe he is already a star shining brightly in his own right and certainly he's an overachiever who definitely won't just be sitting pretty on his own laurels. As clever and intelligent as he is, I suppose he'll cunningly find his way to the top and if luck will be on his side, there's no doubt Benjamin Alves will make it big in 'showbizness'.

N.B. Our paths may cross one of these days, and I won't certainly have any second thoughts of asking him even for a short interview. Its just a small world after all! Right? Yeah. - You wish! Lol.
What an intellectually-stimulating conversation that would be should my wish be granted..:-) Yay!

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