Sunday, September 23, 2012


Seldom do I get enamored with the legally blondes but Renae's captivating beauty is a total exemption. Her overall stance reminds of Aussie's  former Miss Universe titleholder Jennifer Hawkins. Both are gifted with those mesmerizing cerulean eyes, lustrous golden hair, and well-sculpted flirtatious lips set in a perfectly chiseled jawline. This blonde-haired bombshell may have been a bit pressured to 'push her luck' but looking 'through the rose-colored glasses' I am certain that she can muster all her exceptional assets to her own advantage.

With its four consecutive semifinal placements in the last four years, it seemed that the Australian org has found its perfect formula to shine in the world's most prestigious beauty pageant. And with the inclusion of Renae as Aussie's official bet to the universe, I have high hopes that the land down under will continue its streak or might even pierce through the finals and clinch the most coveted Diamond Nexus Labs crown of Miss Universe. To Ms. Renae Ayris, may the stars of the universe will conspire to get what your heart desires! Best of luck to you..:-) Cheers!


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