Thursday, September 20, 2012


The stormy clammy weather of Manila must have been  swept away for a night with the invasion of the country's hottest men in the recently concluded annual feast of Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 held at the World Trade Center, Philippines.
A total of 69 drop-dead gorgeous celebrity bachelors with perfectly sculpted abs, well-toned muscles and close-up smiles paraded on the runway which drew forth frenzied screams and deafening cheers from the adoring fans and bedazzled admirers.

Below are some of the photos gathered from the event:

Azkal's Nathaniel "Nate" Burke

Fabio Ide

Jc Tiuseco

Daniel Matsunaga
Enzo Pineda
James Blanco

Tom Rodriguez

Rocco Nacino
Mikael Daez with a girl fan

John Hall

Alden Richards

Andrew Wolfe

Azkal's Anton Del Rosario
Ian Batherson

Joseph Marco


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