Sunday, September 23, 2012


The incessant downpour of heavy rainfall in the last few days coupled with the recent inundation of approximately 15 provinces outside the city of angels have once again elicited a cascading torrent of memories of last year's  infamous flood which gravely turned the land of smiles into a bleak, waterworld scenery. For the sake of visual references, below are some of the captured moments featuring our adventures and misadventures as flood survivors:

Standing tall and proud is the towering building of Yanhee International Hospital with its staff grossly engaged in keeping the floodwaters from creeping into the hospital's main entrance.

The water went on a rampage turning the whole area into an amber-colored, greasy lake.

With the invasion of flood, the hustling, bustling road of Charan formerly jam-packed with vehicles suddenly changed into a despondent body of water. 

We have conceded to our whimsical imaginations of having a relaxing gondola ride in one of the world's most romantic places - Venice, Italy. Fanciful thoughts could sometimes be an effective way to combat stress. Yay! 

Amidst the catastrophe, these beauties with a purpose effortlessly flashed their ten thousand megawatt smiles. Xamantha Lee, Sherra Mae Vega and Evelyn Nudalo joined hands in carrying the food containers for our Filipino nurses at Yanhee International Hospital. Special thanks to the locals who have extended their help and  ferried us safely to our respective destinations.

Near-starvation has also its main advantages. Truth to be told, it made my 'balonan' (food container) clean & empty! See, no need for dish washing. LOL.

Gleeful 'bulilits' goofing around at Yanhee's evacuation domain. 

It may have been a huge pain in the neck being driven out from your comfort zones however we're more than thankful enough that our lives and even our resources were safely spared. It's also noteworthy mentioning that our optimism and zest in the midst of such overwhelming catastrophe had greatly motivated our spirits to fearlessly face and surmount those near-insurmountable challenges and overcome obstacles. With the never-ending rumors of impending flood circulating around the corner this coming October, I firmly believe that given the experience and God's abiding grace, we can survive it all with aplomb! Well, Hopefully..:-) Our proven resilience will once again be validated through the test of time and adversity.

**Tip Trips: Should you have plans of visiting Thailand, I would always recommend to make it outside the monsoon season. September-November aren't good months for your trip unless dancing in the rain and being drenched with the floodwater are included in your bucket list. And if that is so, then good luck to you..:-)


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