Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Official photos of Nicole for the 52nd Miss International were finally released and by simply looking at the still images, I am certain that our country's bet is in her best fighting form. With her dramatic transformation and captivating 'international' appeal, I admit - I'm currently feeling head over heels..:-) Well, who wouldn't be? 

Grapevine is circulating among our pageant aficionados that our lovely delegate had brilliantly created her own signature 'pa-sweet' catwalk. Now, that's something very interesting we could look forward to! With the rigorous training she had been through in the past few months, she would definitely pull a surprise as the competition starts rolling.

 Such a relief that it will no longer be staged in China where our gorgeous Pinay queens in the most recent years who came strong and performed well were claimed to be 'politically' snubbed during the finals. It was somehow been expected considering the territorial rift and political tension that marred the relationship between the Philippines and China. Nevertheless I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best to come that the ongoing dispute will be 'peacefully' put into closure at the soonest possible time..:-)

The pageant will be held on the 21st of October 2012 in Okinawa Japan. A ripple of excitement is now spreading through my nerves as I've imagined the Philippines standing head to head with the international 'goddesses'. Her stance may not be towering, but I know there's something in Nicole that would make her shine through in the Land of The Rising Sun..:-) 



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