Monday, September 10, 2012


The Bridge On The River Kwai

It's been  my first time to visit Kanchanaburi - a province situated in the western hemisphere of the land of smiles which draws thousands of tourists each year after the internationally-acclaimed British World-War II film "The Bridge On The River Kwai" dominated the screen in the late 1950's. The notorious bridge, known as the "death railway" was built by the Japanese during WWII which connects Thailand to Burma (Myanmar). According to history, the construction had ghoulishly wasted thousands of lives from the prisoners of wars and civilians whose remains were buried along the railway. Creepy isn't it?

Erawan Waterfalls

But of course its not only the strangely gruesome historical setting which reverberates interests among the visitors. As young and adventurous as I am majority of the travelers may not be so meticulously engaging when it comes to mind-boggling historical facts. Fun, pleasure, adventure and endless photographs are what we commonly seek, right? Yeah, good thing Kanchanaburi in its first glance didn't seem to disappoint me and in fact it had somehow exceeded my expectations. 

Trying to don a 'statuesque' pose with the famous Erawan waterfall behind.

Its fascinating beauty caught my senses and its countryside milieu reminded me of my provincial, laid back life back home - lush green valleys and mountains, rowdy jungles teeming with wildlife, impressive pristine waterfalls, wide flowing rivers and untamed wilderness. Definitely an awesome escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city life and an ultimate getaway for fun-loving adventurers like me. Yay!
Well this is just an overview or a rundown of what you can find in Kanchanaburi. Since its a bit late and I'm currently flat out with some urgent 'extra curricular' activities, I am going to write in my next posts all my Kanchanaburi experiences which include but not limited to bamboo rafting, the famous elephant trekking, the seven layered Erawan waterfalls, and my 'daredevil' visit to the Tiger Temple.

Daredevil visit inside the Tigers' den

I'm on top of the gentle giant..What an awesome, wild ride!

A boat beside the wide river.

Rain or shine we're gettin' ready with my friend Reon for the bamboo rafting. 


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