Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's quite interesting to note that Malaysia has never won a crown nor earned a runner-up position since the inception of Miss Universe beauty pageant. Don't you know that the only closest feat they ever have had was still on 1970 when Josephine Lena Wong breezed through the semifinal round?  That was like 41 years ago! Since then no Malaysian delegate was able to penetrate even as a semifinalist in more than four cheerless decades. 
Came 2011, a Eurasian super beauty and a former Miss World semifinalist in the person of Deborah Priya Henry ascended to the throne and donned the sash of Malaysia. Universally beautiful, articulate and elegant, we thought that the long drought was finally over. However a great disappointment stunned the hopefuls when Malaysia was never called in the top 15 and Deborah was utterly left from behind clapping. I am not sourgraping nor crying over spilled milk but a delegate with an excellent caliber like of Deborah definitely deserved a semifinal slot - the least..:-) 

And here comes Deborah's successor,19-year old Kimberley Ann Estrop-Leggett. Another classic meztisa stunner of British-Serani descent who is fluent in English, French and Bahasa Melayu. 
Will Kimberley make the cut and bring home the first ever Miss Universe crown so elusive for her countrymen? Or will she just end up as an another entry to the long roster of Malaysia's lackluster years? Well, considering Kimberley's charming looks and gorgeous persona I am certain that she can pull it off in the finals. And should  her lucky stars shine the brightest this year, who knows she could make it to the top of the universe and quench Malaysia's thirst for the crown..:) 

Photo Credit: Rimmel & Kyla Ruiz


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