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Be it in a simple gathering of family and friends or even a short form of fellowship with long lost pals, food has always been man's foremost biological need, or should I say an integral part in every occasion, and Klement_09 can testify to my claims..:-) Right Klement? By the way for the sake of those who don't know, Klement comes from a French word which means "gentle". It's the name of our batch who graduated last 2009 at Mountain View College, Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Each has taken a different path after passing the board exam and most of us are  already working abroad. Suffice to say, we don't just consider ourselves as mere batchmates but as a 'family'- driven with a single purpose and that is to touch lives and be of service to others.
And I am proud to say that it ain't just all about cock-and-bull story for this social-humanitarian advocacy that we have set as our goal had come to fruition during our recent mission-themed backpacking ministry in Cambodia.

So back to the main topic - Food. It must have been an exhausting yet fulfilling journey going back and forth from Siem Reap to Bangkok and everyone's tummy was already growling for a sumptuous meal. After the successful advocacy-driven trip, the Klement definitely deserved a treat - and that is a fine dining in Bangkok's most popular all-you-can-eat salad bar restaurant. Here you can find your favorite Western-style gourmets with a hint of delicately flavored Thai cuisines packaged with the country's best and freshest veggie salads offered without limits. If you are a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian like me (lacto for milk, ovo for egg and pesco for fish), then you might consider visiting this place.

Below are the photo gallery of KBM participants (Klement Backpacking Ministry) sizzling at Sizzler Central World, Bangkok:

Photo Courtesy of Regin Reyno

The Menu:

There are a wide variety of Sizzler's signature dishes you could choose from like spicy grilled chicken, salmon with teriyaki glaze, barbecue pork spareribs, sizzling garlic prawns, tempura basa fish and chips, fisherman's platter supreme, grilled barramundi with asian ginger glaze, pacific dory pesto and many more.
 It took around 15-20 minutes before the ordered set of meal arrived at our table. However its worth the wait since every food served was sizzling hot and gorgeously presented so it really looked so enticing and picturesque. Yes I couldn't help myself but to take a photograph of it before eating. 

Sizzler's Salad Bar

I must say that this is the highlight of every sizzler's restaurant in Bangkok. You can enjoy munching (endlessly) on every fruit and vegetable served fresh (without MSG from the nature's bounty coupled with delectable salad dressing where you could dip down your veggie chips and bars. Some of my favorite condiments are the lite salad cream, blue cheese, thousand island and caesar's dressing. If you are a calorie-conscious health buff then you can replace it with olive oil,balsamic and tomato sauce or else a mixed of sesame sova . Of course the salad bar wouldn't be complete without the mushroom and onion soup as well as the presence of pasta and combo of ambrosial desserts.

How About The Price Tags?

Eating out at Sizzler is one of the most splendid dining experiences you can have at the most reasonable price, plausibly one of the best deals in town. The restaurant has a set of promotion menu starting at 239 Thai Baht plus the Wednesday night specials (it starts at 4pm) which are packed with the array of savory cuisines ranging from 259 Thai Baht. Each menu is complete with unlimited, all-you-can eat salad bar.

Sizzler restaurants in Thailand are not hard to find. There are plenty of branches across the country especially in the capital city. For your convenience, you may ask the information counter located at the first floor in major Central malls in Bangkok. 


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