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With the advent of the "ber" months, we know that the Miss Universe season is coming very soon. The pageant's arena wouldn't be as exciting and captivating without the presence of the most beautiful women in the universe. But before we'll witness another set of new beauties this December, kindly join with me as we relive those cherished moments of the past gorgeous women who have graced the stage and rocked the universe with such unspeakable charm.

You might not agree with my list, some might even raise their eyebrows in absolute discord however these are the women whom I find so stunning and 'exceptionally' enchanting. 

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, below are the list of the former delegates (from 1999-2011) who in my opinion got the striking resemblance of the goddesses of old:

1. Rozanna Purcell Of Ireland (2010)
Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 Finalist

If there could be someone who best fits the mold of a living goddess, it could be Rozanna Purcell of Ireland. Every bit of her screams perfection! If a sultry stare from her ocean blue eyes could weaken one man's knees to the ground, how much more when she blows a kiss from those seductive flirtatious lips? 
Mortals would easily be held enchanted with her ensorcelling countenance. 
When she looked so ravishing with that micro crystal-filled evening gown, how much more when she ramped the stage with that sizzling-hot two piece bikini? Her dramatic, graceful strides simply accentuate those stunning sexy curves and held the eyes of those who have seen her presence in a subtle spellbound.

With her gilt-edge performance, was destiny been so blinded and  ruthless for not giving her the crown she rightfully deserved? A much higher placement in the final five may have been a soothing consolation (the least) for this Irish goddess.

2. Oxana  Gennadyevna Fedorova Of Russia (2002)

Miss Universe 2002 (Dethroned)

She's been known as the most stunning Miss Universe who won the crown by a landslide victory. Although she came to the pageant unprepared with only a few wardrobes to flaunt (as the organizers back home didn't believe that she could win), and yet she effortlessly aced all the preliminaries with such remarkable wide margins, and eventually outshine the rest of the hopeful contenders with her entrancing presence.

Controversies marred her journey when four months after her reign, this Russian goddess was stripped of her tittle and lost the crown to her first runner-up, Miss Justine Pasek of Panama. She's been tagged in the universe's history as the first Miss Universe titleholder who was officially dethroned. It wasn't clear as to what could be the exact reason of her dethronement, however she stated that she voluntarily gave up the crown to finish her Ph.D. dissertation. 

She may have been robbed from her throne, however she still remained from the hearts of her fans as the legitimate and the most gorgeous Miss Universe who ever graced the pageant's stage.

3. Maria Venus Bayonito Raj Of The Philippines (2010)
Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up

With a 22 inch waistline to boast and an inspiring story to match her beauty, this exotic Pinay goddess ended up the 10 year drought of the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant. Who could ever forget the thunderous applause and the deafening cheers of the Pinoy fans the moment her name was called as the last contender to penetrate the top 15 finalists? Her victory that night remarkably brought the Philippines back to the universe's map and Venus Raj became an instant household name across the archipelago.

Had she aced the final question with wit and nonchalant cleverness, she could have won the universe's crown in a major-major way..:-)

4 . Natalie  Vladimirovna Glebova Of Canada (2005)

Miss Universe 2005

Have you ever wondered where she got those mesmerizing blue eyes and drop-dead gorgeous stance? This Canadian stunner is actually a Russian by birth and eventually migrated to Canada with her parents at the age of 12.

As far as I could vividly recall Natalie was standing side by side with the other goddesses from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela who completed the final five, so winning the tittle that evening wasn't entirely a piece of a cake for her. It's noteworthy mentioning that her closest archival that night for the most coveted crown was Cynthia Olavarria, a Magna Cum Laude contender from Puerto Rico who got the brains and charisma to match her beauty.  Nonetheless it must have been destiny who finally decided to crown her as the universe's most beautiful goddess.

4. Jimena "Ximena" Navarrete Rosete of Mexico (2010)
Miss Universe 2010

I was actually rooting for the sexiest siren Rozanna Purcell of Ireland to win the crown, but her victory didn't disappoint me at all. Her cool demeanor coupled with that distinctive femme fatale performance must have been her greatest weapon that knocked down all the goddesses in the competition. 

This brown-eyed Mexican goddess looked so stunning with her two piece bikini and was irresistibly elegant with that blazing red 'flowy' evening gown which complimented well with the rubies studded Diamon Nexus Labs crown of Miss Universe.

Ximena Navarrete is the second Miss Universe tittleholder from Mexico after she duplicated the feat of Lupita Jones in 1991. It is interesting to note that both of them were 'coincidentally' crowned in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5. Jennifer Hawkins of Australia (2004)

Miss Universe 2004 

Who wouldn't be mesmerized by this blonde haired goddess from the land down under? Even the American business magnate and the pageant co-owner Mr. Donald Trump himself described Hawkins as the "most beautiful Miss Universe I have seen in many, many years". The Brazilian Vice-President Jose Alencar also shared the same sentiments after an official meeting with this Aussie bombshell.

Clad in Bora's magnificent gold beaded evening gown worth 25,000.00 AUD, Hawkins who looked so elegant breezed to the top of the final five effortlessly and eventually won the Mikimoto diamond encrusted crown worth 250,000.00 USD.

Hawkins was the first winner from Oceania since Lorraine Downes of New Zealand held the title in 1983, and the first Australian since Kerry Anne Wells in 1972.

6. Dayana Sabrina Mendoza of Venezuela (2008)
Miss Universe 2008 
Considered as the world's greatest beauty powerhouse, it is not surprising at all that Venezuela would always emerge victorious in any grand slam pageant. Every delegate has been meticulously chosen, rigorously trained and perfected before being sent to the battefield.
Their back to back win in the Universe (2008-2009) made a historic splash no other nation has yet to duplicate. Dayana Mendoza came strong and fabulous since day one of the competition. Her flamboyant 'diva' performance in every segment of the pageant had ferociously swept every hopeful delegate off their feet.  

7. Miriam Redito Quiambao Of the Philippines (1999)

Miss Universe 1999 First Runner-Up

This statuesque dusky Pinay made a nerve racking yet splendid mark in history when she accidentally slipped and fell on the stage during the preliminary evening gown competition - a crucial moment where all the contestants would be critically judged on who should be included in the Top 10 semifinalists. With more than 80 beauties competing, slipping on stage could be a fatal mistake that would definitely kill one's chances for the crown. However inspite of what had happened, it was amazing how she instantly regained composure and how she collected herself with such poise and confidence to the delight of the crowd. 

She eventually emerged as first runner-up to Miss Botwana's Mpule Kwelagobe, the closest feat and the highest placement (so far) ever achieved by a Filipino after Margarita Moran won the coveted tittle in 1973. Commentators claimed that she could have been the Philippines' third Miss Universe had she not faltered during the final round of the make or break question and answer portion.

She may have failed to capture the crown for her countrymen, but she became a perfect embodiment to the rest of the women of the world who have fallen on and off the stage but stood up gracefully from their downfall and ensuingly rose to eminence and victory.

8. Deborah Priya Henry of Malaysia (2011)
Miss Universe-Malaysia 2011

She's undoubtedly by far, the best Malaysian delegate ever sent to the Universe. With a vast pageant experience to back her up (considering her previous stint as Miss World 2007 semifinalist) and with her physical features closely akin to the countenance of a Euro-Asian goddess, a slot in the Top 15 could have been a much acceptable consolation.

Her preliminary interview was superb - truly a mark of a well educated and intelligent woman. Although she was a bit stiff and was lacking with charm and 'bitchiness', it is undeniable that she delivered her thoughts well with spontaneity and substance. Her diction as well as her cool British accent were highly commendable.

 9. Shamcey Gurrea Supsup of Philippines (2011)
Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner - Up

 Where can you find a woman like her who is not only physically captivating but also intellectually gifted and talented?
Heavens must have favored Shamcey for she always excel in everything she does. She is an academic overachiever with Salutatorian honors both in elementary to secondary and eventually graduated with Magna Cum Laude distinction from the most prestigious university in the Philippines. Not only that, she was able to place number one in the highly competitive architecture's national licensure examination. 

 And who could ever forget her stint during last year's Miss Universe pageant when she wowed everyone with her legendary 'Tsunami' catwalk? Her excellent performance during the preliminaries had kicked out some goddesses' asses and stunned all her detractors in silence. She might not have won the coveted tittle that night but her remarkable journey had left such inextirpable imprints in the vast universe.

10. Amelia Vega Polanco of Dominican Republic (2003)

Miss Universe 2003 

 Standing at 6 feet and 1 inch, this sizzling hot latina glamazon emerged as the ultimate winner in a glittering ceremony held in Panama city, Panama. Her victory earned her country's first Miss Universe crown and became the youngest tittleholder at the age of 18 since 1994.

 Vega is the third among Miss Universe winners who also won the National Costume competition. Thailand's Porntip Nakhirunkanok won the award in 1988 and eventually won the crown then, Wendy Fitzwilliam of Trinidad & Tobago also won the Best National Costume award and went on to win the 1998 Miss Universe crown.

Up Next are the Top 11-20 Phenomenal Goddesses (1999-2011). Who do you think should be included in the list? Your guess might be as good as mine..:-)


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