Monday, October 1, 2012


I just couldn't be happier knowing that I've got free treatment sessions for colonic detoxification, chelation and hyperbaric -Yanhee's three most reputable alternative therapies. The term may be unknown for some however for the sake of knowing alternative medicine refers to any traditional practice or approach in healing "which does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine".  Well its my first time to get these freebies for non-cosmetic/non-medical treatments after working for almost three consecutive years as an international coordinator, although I always have the privilege of a fairly discounted price everytime I avail the hospital's services.

You might be wondering what are these procedures for. Just to give you a rough idea, quoted below are some brief explanations of the following complementary therapies:
1. Chelation Therapy - refers to the intravenous administration of chelating agent known as EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid) which binds or chelates heavy metals out of the system. Proponents claim that it can treat coronary artery diseases and other illnesses that maybe linked from the damaging effects of free radicals.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy -  it is a painless treatment which uses a special chamber  known as the "pressure chamber" to deliver higher air pressure as well as increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the body tissues. This is best recommended for a faster wound healing rate and has been proposed to boost one's immune system.

3. Colonic Detoxification Therapy -  It isn't my first time to have this procedure though. I've had this therapy session thrice and it will be my fourth on my next visit. It involves flushing of the intestines with a certain amount of solution to get rid of the toxins out of the system.

 With the concise description of the therapies mentioned I am certain that you were able to get the drift of what I was trying to communicate, however if you're still a bit confused and couldn't make heads out of it, then there's no need to worry about since I am going to discuss thoroughly each procedure including the pricelists in my next posts and hopefully you will be able to get the whole picture sooner.
Anyway, I am planning to have my first treatment session the day after tomorrow since I will be off from work, and I am thinking about what should I undergo first. Is it chelation, detox, or hyperbaric? Do you have any suggestions dear readers? Your sensible comments are highly appreciated..:-)


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