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Exclusive Interview By  Edgar A. Petallo

Manhunt International  2012 Contender Armand Du Plessis of South Africa

Standing tall at 6 feet above the ground, South Africa's pride Armand Du Plessis could be every woman's dream. He's not only beaming with mesmerizing presence and captivating smile, he also got the brains to compliment well with his charm. Currently studying Law in one of South Africa's most prestigious universities, the University of Pretoria, Armand's impressive scholastic background and excellent modelling skills would definitely make him an excellent choice for the grand tittle. Would he be able to surpass his predecessors' achievements and bring home the much coveted tittle of Manhunt International 2012? Well, I am very positive that he has the goods to duplicate the feat of Albe Geldenhuys, and be the second South African Manhunt grand tittleholder. But before that, it would be far more interesting, if we'll be able to get to know more about him on a much deeper level..:-) 

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* Tell us something about yourself, most people don't know.

 I think the most interesting thing others don’t know about me, is that I enjoy cooking. My favorite meals to make include Pasta’s and Traditional South African meals, such as Bobotie. I’m currently staying on my own but whenever I get the time and opportunity to cook for others, I make the most of it.

*What is your greatest achievement, so far?

  Besides being chosen to represent our beautiful country at the Mr. Manhunt International Pageant in Thailand later this year, I would consider my acceptance to study Law at the University of Pretoria, and making it to my 4thyear as my greatest achievement so far. Thousands of hopefuls apply for this and only a certain amount gets selected to fulfill their studies at the University of Pretoria in this specific course.

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*Who or what inspires you the most?

The person that inspires me most would definitely be our former President Mr. Nelson Mandela. He is known all over the World for the positive and lasting change that he made to South Africa. He is of great inspiration to the World and his work proved that one person is capable of making a change in the lives of others. I aspire to follow in his footsteps with the positive change that he made on not only to us as a country but also to the lives of so many others.

*How does it feel representing your beautiful country, South Africa?

The feeling of representing my beautiful country is difficult to describe. I am much honored and privileged of being in this position to represent my country on an International level. It has always been a dream of mine of representing my country internationally; this dream became a reality and is very blessed to have gotten this unbelievable opportunity. 

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*Most favorite part of your body and why?

My favorite part of my body would definitely be my eyes. Not only am I always getting lots of compliments on my eyes, but I also believe that one’s eyes are the windows to your soul.

*What do you usually wear when you sleep? How does it make you comfortable?

   I wear boxers and vests when I sleep. I always dress well and see this as respectful. Sleeping in boxers and vests make me feel comfortable and relaxed due to the fact that I always aim to be well dressed and groomed otherwise.

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*Describe your lovelife

Ha Ha! I like keeping my love life private but I can say that I’m currently not in a relationship. I like to make the special lady in my life feel special. All ladies should be treated like queens!

*Do you consider yourself as vain like other gorgeous men?

No. As much as many look at the outside first, I believe that one’s character and personality are more important than mere looks. It doesn’t help one has all beauty and brawn but no brains. The complete package is what matters!

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*What turns you off?

The one thing that turns me off most is pessimism or people that are negative. One must see the glass as half full and not as half empty... I’m a very positive person and would like to encourage others to also have a positive outlook on life!

*How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

I firmly believe that a healthy body reflects a healthy mind! To me it is extremely important to train and live a healthy life. Currently I am training with a Personal Trainer six times a week and am focusing more on functional training than weight training. Water intake is very important and I try to drink at least 5 liters of water a day. I’ve always thought that exercising is most important, but came to the realization that one is what you eat!

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*What's the first thing you would do should you win the grand tittle of Manhunt International 2012?

 I would definitely thank God first and celebrate the victory with all my supporters, family and friends. 

*Any special message to your fans?

I’ve got a message of thanks to both the local and International fans and would hereby like to thank everyone for their unbelievable support and motivation throughout this incredible journey. I will keep on giving it my all throughout the rest of the competition and hereby hope that I’ll make all of you proud… They are welcome to follow me on Twitter at @armandduplessis and on Facebook. Stay true to who you are and what you stand for; you were made unique and special. Don’t imitate, originate!

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Indeed, Armand Du Plessis is a perfect epitome that men should aspire for. He is a man of positive change, of intellect and of noble character who does not only think of  himself but also the welfare of others. Just a few more days to come and Armand will set his foot in the 'Land Of Smiles'. Will destiny be smiling brightly upon him in his quest for the manhunt tittle? Well, please join with me to watch the pageant 'live' on the 9th of November 2012 at Scala Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand. With Armand's entrancing physique and congenial persona, I am certain that his presence will surely be felt come finals night. To Mr. South Africa 2012, thank you so much for gracing the interview. You are so impressive! Good luck and may God bless you! 

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You can help Armand advance to the semi final round and win the Mr. Popularity award by casting your votes here:

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