Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exclusive Interview by Edgar A. Petallo

Manhunt International - Sweden 2012: Peter Jonsson

With such a ravishing demi-god countenance, Sweden's official delegate, Peter Jonsson would definitely give other aspiring manhunt candidates a run for their money! Will he win big come pageant night? That's a question, however with Peter's well-sculpted built and commanding presence, bringing home his country's second manhunt grandtitle is highly probable! While knowing his chances for the crown is important, I believe that getting to know him deeply is far more significant. So let's dig out more about this Scandinivian hunk as he unveils one of his closely guarded secrets in one of my most exclusive interviews:

*Tell us something about yourself, most people don’t know.
In my spare time I run my own business as a massage therapist where I'm focusing on advanced injury rehabilitation and musculoskeletal problems. 
One thing more, I'm crazy about food especially pastries!

*What is your greatest achievement, so far?
When I was accepted at Uppsala University to study engineering and when I got my masseuse degree. And of course when I won Mr Sweden :)

*Who or what inspires you the most?
There´s so many different people, depending on what I´m doing at the moment. In the gym there´s many people to look at and ask for a good tip, in school I admire the ones
who can do all the hard things I can´t and so on... But overall I am inspired by people who are struggling hard to achieve something that has a positive impact on several people 
and not just themselves.

*How does it feel representing your beautiful country?
I´m sooo honored to do this, actually I can´t believe that I´m doing it! It´s gonna be so fun and it feels, well, unreal!

*Most favorite part of your body and why?
My hands, they are quite big and it´s easy to see that they are made to work with.

*What do you usually wear when you sleep? How does it make you comfortable?
Just underwear or naked! The less the better. I'm hot-blooded, so I have to cool down to sleep well.

*Describe your lovelife.
I got a wonderful girlfriend since 2 years, and it really feels that we´re made for each other, at all levels!

*Do you consider yourself as vain like other gorgeous men?
If it counts to brush your teeth I am :P Otherwise I don´t spend any time or money on my looks, maybe just fix my hair once or twice a month!

*What turns you off?
Injustice and people who put more energy on the wrong things, such as destroying others.

*How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?
I´m a student  and I really have to workout to be able to get along and get energy to study. This autumn I also started to think more of what I´m eating which made me loose a lot of fat.

*What's the first thing you would do, should you win the tittle of Manhunt International 2012?
Finish my final thesis and degree in school, then I will go fishing with my father. I would like to be the best possible role model for others.

*Any special message to your fans?
I really hope to see you all in Bangkok very soon, looking forward to get more experiences from this and grow as a person so please help me get the most out of it :)

*Occupation: Student
*Date of Birth: June 8, 1984
*Height: 190 cm
*Weight: 91 kg
*Shoe Size: 45
*Shirt size: 52
*brief/underwear size: L

You can help Mr. Sweden win the Mr. Manhunt's Popularity award and earn a spot in the semifinals, by casting your votes here:

Photo Courtesy: OLA & LECA

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