Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Philippines' Nicole Schmitz delivered a ravishing speech during the Miss International 2012 Finals.

I know its a bit late to post Nicole's performances during the Miss International finals but I felt that I should let the whole world know how great and impressive she is. That bun-styled hair and cakey make-up might have been the main culprit of her downfall or perhaps that unflattering gown which did not accentuate her curves, but nonetheless the essence and the manner on how she delivered her thoughts outweighed those physical imperfections.
If only the criteria for judging was primarily based on wit and intelligence, I am certain that  Nicole could effortlessly outshine the rest. Although she failed to capture our 5th Miss International crown, she still made Filipinos inches taller than anyone else that night by continuing the Philippines' streak as a semifinalist for five consecutive years..:-)

Courtesy of TheEmeraldvideos

Here's the complete copy of her speech:

Peace, love, unity, these three words are the Miss International pageant. Having spent the past 3 weeks here in Okinawa, I have witnessed the special connection it has with many countries, the Philippines included. And I came to a special realization, that globalization and multi-cultural diversity can peacefully co-exist. That we can be both uniquely global and globally unique. This is my mission. I want people to appreciate that not only do we belong to our local communities but to humanity at large. And through this mutual awareness and respect we can better achieve universal goals. I also believe that a true Miss International should use herself as an example for her advocacies and that's why I am standing here in front of you ready and open to offer my heritage and myself, as a strong, compassionate, responsible, independent woman in this quest for global harmony. And by doing this, I know I would have left my positive mark in the world and I can stand here proudly and call myself a true international citizen. Arigato gozai masu!

Philippines' National Costume at Miss International 2012

Nicole Maturan Schmitz's Superb Catwalk during the Miss International 2012 Swimsuit Round.

Nicole Schmitz with her evening gown. Do you find the gown internationally captivating? What can you say?

Photo Credit: Miss International 

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