Saturday, October 20, 2012


Have you ever wondered why the Japanese have the longest life expectancy compared to the other nationalities thriving on earth? Well, for the most part (whether you would agree with me or not), its definitely the kind of food or diet which significantly affects ones lifespan or longevity. Although there are a variety of main essential factors contributing to the duration or length of human life, diet has been quoted by science as the ones that played the major role of the equation..:-) 

So what about Japanese cuisines? What make it so healthy and perhaps appetizing? In the recent years, or even during the ancient times, Japanese gourmets have been adored through the ages as wonderfully healthy and delectable. Authentic Japanese food won't be complete without the presence of sushi, miso soup, tofu and seafood staples which are rich in vital nutrients whilst low in saturated, non-essential fats compared to its western counterparts.

Evidenced-based research shows that soy-based diet like tofu contains isoflavonoid or isoflavone - a phytochemical which acts as an effective antioxidant, which probably explains why Japanese women have one of the lowest rates of breast cancer occurrence. Furthermore, the seafood staples (of course fish in particular) are enriched with protein and omega 3 fatty acids and with the inclusion of sushi rice providing carbohydrate, it creates an ideal nutritionally & aesthetically balanced meal, excellent for the health-conscious and food lovers.

Should you be willing to try for some authentic and freshest Japanese food coupled with its traditional, delightful atmosphere, there is no need for you to go to the land of the rising sun just to have a taste of its 'savory' gourmets. I would highly recommend to dine and wine in AKA restaurant. AKA is the Japanese word for red which is the prevailing color of the restaurant's contemporary setting and should you have the chance to visit the land of smiles, AKA can easily be found in almost all of the Central malls especially in the city of Bangkok. 

So experience now the melt-in-the-mouth, haute Japanese cuisines in AKA without having too much worries of gaining extra pounds of unwanted calories..:-) Such delectable dishes with awesome health benefits..Indeed!

Truly Oishii!! (Delicious!)

Photo Courtesy of Xamantha Lee.

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