Thursday, November 15, 2012

By: Edgar A. Petallo
"Perfectly toned and irresistibly gorgeous" from L-R: Mr. Lebanon (Hammoud Ali), Mr. International 2011
Cesar Curti from Brazil, and Mr. Macedonia ( Gjorgi Filipov)

Although a couple of photo-shoots were already done the other day for the national costumes, evening wear and jeans there's no definite list of schedule for the pre-pageant activities as of today and technically the candidates are free until tomorrow since the organizers are still waiting for the arrival of some delegates. No wonder why the hotel lobby was a bit empty and it was only Mr. Sri Lanka who incidentally passed by the counter yesterday afternoon. I would like to thank him for being so congenial and kind in guiding me upstairs where I met some of my favorite contenders as well as the reigning Mr. International 2011 from Brazil, Cesar Curti. 
My Top 3 Favorites, so far! L-R: Czech Republic(Robert Anderle), Lebanon(Ali Hammoud),& Ireland(James Murphy)

I find the representatives from Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Ireland incredibly stunning! Unfortunately, I haven't seen Mr. Sweden yet as he's been reportedly being confined due to some food poisoning as confirmed by the staff. I do really wish him well the soonest possible as he's one of my top favorite contenders in this batch. Slovak Republic, England and Turkey are also beyond adorable, and considered as possible front runners. 
It was awesome and a bit nostalgic meeting again some cross-overs from the recently concluded Manhunt International, and they're the delegates from France, Spain and Costa Rica. Needless to say, they've become the best of friends in the competition. While I could consider the representatives from Malaysia and of course our very own Mr. Philippines as the friendliest among the group.

Well at this rate, its pretty obvious that the candidates from Europe are the strongest in contention and I wouldn't be surprised at all if one of them will grab the top plum on the finals. Yes its still too early to tell and my impression might change as the competition finally starts rolling..:-)
Buffed to Perfection: Mr. Lebanon - Ali Hammoud 
Real Stunners: L-R: Ireland and Czech Republic

L-R from the top: Venezuela, Philippines, Vietnam, Macedonia, and Slovenia

L-R from the top: Dominican Republic, Portugal, Bolivia, Venezuela, and USA, France, Spain and Costa Rica

Clockwise from the top: Ireland, Belgium, Bahamas, Australia, Italy, Malaysia and Philipppines

The Manhunt Crossovers and the Best of Friends in the competition from L-R: Spain, Costa Rica and France

Clockwise from the top: Lebanon, Turkey, England, Italy and Czech Republic


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