Thursday, November 8, 2012

L-R: South Africa, France & Philippines
Just a few hours ago the preliminary competition for Manhunt International 2012 was held at the Convenient Park Hotel, Bangkok Thailand. Check out some of the photos of this year's contestants with their formal wear. Whom do you think are the clear standouts?

Clockwise from the top: Turkey, Brazil, Bahamas, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Lebanon and Puerto Rico

L-R from the Top: Philippines, Lesotho, Mongolia, Australia and Germany

L-R from the top: Indonesia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Panama, Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Colombia, France and Denmark 

Clockwise from the top: Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Australia, Germany, Romania & Lebanon

L-R: Bulgaria, Philippines, Sweden, Venezuela, Turkey, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Nigeria
L-R from the top: Macedonia, Bahamas, Portugal, Indonesia, Latvia, and Macau

L-R: Turkey, Sweden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Australia & Colombia
L-R from top: With me is the Manhunt International 2011 from China, Puerto Rico and Philippines


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