Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I just can't help but to get constantly enthused with Janine's goddess-like stance in her most recent photos. She isn't this stunning especially during her Binibini stint and if my memory serves me right, she's one of the most bashed Binibini queens for her untoned, near-plumpy physique and unconventional, plain jane features. But despite of the below-the-belt comments hurled from her critics coupled with that immensely huge, pressure-laden shoes she had to fill in for the back-to-back victories her predecessors had achieved, our girl fought and worked the hardest, rising gracefully above all those seemingly insurmountable challenges. And look where she is now? 

Janine Tugonon came home a grand victor and dashingly becoming one of the country's certified beauty icons every Filipino can be proud of. She's now in the league of those very few timeless Filipina beauties who made an indelible mark in Miss Universe history. Had it not been for the homecourt advantage, she could have won the world's most prestigious beauty crown and could have donned the sash as the universe's prettiest.

I firmly believe that her win wasn't all about 'luck & fortune', and I also believe that she wasn't the most beautiful nor the most intelligent woman in the competition, but it was the by-product of her unparalleled determination, hardwork, perseverance, and faith that made her shine the brightest and brought her feet at the top of the universe. With that in mind, Janine becomes a timeless inspiration and if we too would imbibe these virtues into our lives, regardless of what stations in life we are in, and irrespective of what  roads we're taking, I believe that we too as ordinary citizens can also be capable of doing extra-ordinarily worthy accomplishments. 

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