Thursday, January 3, 2013

By: Edgar A. Petallo

Outdoor Breakfast with cereal and slices of fresh banana, apple, whole wheat bread with choco hazel nut spread, sun-maid California raisins, youngberry and carrot juices.

What a way to start your day with some belly-friendly goodies enriched with the vital nutrients your body needs?

Honestly, I did have troubles losing some ounces of unwanted fats especially on the abdominal area (midsection) despite the regular visit and ab-exercises in the gym. But the moment I've started munching on cereals with chunks of banana during breakfast, replacing the usual rice and viand formula, things have changed a lot better and sooner than expected. 

Made with wholesome grains, cereals are low in fat yet rich in fiber which is excellent for digestion and it is fortified with the take-on-the-day multivitamins for a much sturdier health. The unparalleled vital nutrients ingrained exclusively within the meek and wholesome bananas will just be right to further strengthen your body's immune system. You may follow this link for a more comprehensive review on this amazing fruit wonder: The Wonders of Banana . You can actually add some pieces of raisins (which are rich in potassium) or even dried fruits, milk and choco powder to make it more appetizing. If you're still not feeling satiated with the cereal, you can munch on fresh apple and whole wheat bread with low-calorie toppings. 

So with a low-fat delicious cereal loaded with the micro-essential nutrients, you can provide your body with the much needed stamina to start up your day (minus the worries of a bulging tummy).!


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