Thursday, March 28, 2013

There were quite a few changes with my so called favorites the moment I saw the girls in motion during the press presentation. There were some who maintained the momentum and there were also some who failed to meet my expectations. And yes there were a few contenders who impressed me well and turned me into a believer. Yeah I know its pretty too early to tell but at least for now let me savor the moment and please allow me to express my thoughts on this regard. There are 50 official Binibini candidates in the competition and I divided them into five groups and from each group I have personally picked four girls which I think are the standouts. So in no particular order, here they are: 

Group 1 (Candidates 1-10) 

#3 Zandra Flores - I'm starting to love this girl! She has this sultry countenance that's pretty hard to ignore. Really, I never noticed her before but the moment I saw her gliding the stage with those sensational strides and captivating stance, she instantly won me over. Her hair and skin color were just perfect!

#1 Ria Rabajante - Leading the pack is none other the Miriam Quiambao/Janine Tugonon deadringer. Does she have the same fate like the two Miss Universe First Runner-Up winners? Well there's no assurance yet in that regard, however what I am certain of at the moment is that her catwalk skills literally blew me away and how she presented herself was just amazing. Ria's oriental and exotic beauty made her a standout among the rest. Definitely a front-runner in this year's batch.

#8 Abbygale Monderin - I'm not quite impressed with her photos but as soon as I watch her in motion, she immediately captured my attention. Towering, statuesque and beautiful in her own way, this girl seems to have a shot penetrating the semis.

#5 Maria Mustonen - Although her catwalk skills are not that at par when compared to the other girls, Maria is undeniably oozing with sex appeal. A little of polishing would certainly make her at the top seed of the competition.

Group 2 (Candidates 11-20)

#13 Charmaine Elima - Who wouldn't adore this girl? She's in everyone's toplist to win the most coveted crown. She got this striking universal appeal coupled with that excellent scholastic record to compliment well with her mesmerizing beauty. Rumor has it, that Maine will be graduating this year with a Summa Cum Laude distinction. Well speaking of Latin honors, BbP's head honcho Madame Stella Marquez de Araneta seems to favor girls with outstanding academic background. Could it be that the universe crown is already reserved for her? Well, let's see.

#19 Hannah Ruth Sison - She's definitely growing in me! This Isabella Daza deadringer has what it takes to banner the sash of the Philippines in Miss Universe. Look at those winsome smile, prominent forehead, and exquisite form! So regal and elegant..:-) How I wish I could see a crown on her head come finals!

#15 Pia Wurtzbach - This celebrity contender has always been in my toplist since day one. But unfortunately, she didn't exceed my expectations when I saw her in motion during the press launcheon. Well I know the competition has just started rolling, and I'm pretty certain that she hasn't given her all just yet.

#16 Joanna Cindy Miranda - Another celebrity candidate in the competition who I think has greater chances of winning. I really like this girl, she seemed to be well consistent with her styling however at the moment my gut feeling tells me that she 'might' not be able to grab one of the crowns at stake. Well I hope I could be wrong with my intuitions. I know its pretty early to tell by now and who knows the odds would be on her side come finals?

Group 3 (Candidates 21-30)

#24 Cassandra Naidas - She seemed not in her best elements during the press presentation. I think it has something to do with her hair and make-up and I just don't see it so flattering for her. Well Cass is one of my favorites to win and I do really want her to find that perfect styling best suited to her.

#26 Anna Buquid - Towering at almost 6 feet! She's always been my top fave to win the top plum but at the moment I just couldn't see it that way. Although she's the tallest among the batch, she seemed to be dwarfed out when she's standing head to head with the other contenders. I would like to see her features not overly enhanced with too much make-up and dark red lipstick. I think a more natural look is the best for her. Well, although I have to admit her perfectly-toned form and statuesque stance during the press launcheon were just breath taking! Keep it up!

#25 Merry Joyce Respicio - She seemed to be reserved and she possesses this mystical aura that draws your attention to constantly gaze at her. I wouldn't be surprised though when she'll be called in the semis.

#20 Bea Rose Santiago - It would've been perfect for her if she could've sported a sexier longer hair. She almost tripped when she walked on the stage and good thing she didn't lose her balance. A more polished catwalk and a great styling would certainly make her in the top of the competition.

Group 4 (Candidates 31-40)

#33 Parul Shah - She's one of the forces to be reckoned with in the competition. Her overall features and countenance scream Miss Universe! She's so seemed to be pageant ready (although her catwalk skills still have to be enhanced) and should she be sent internationally I am pretty certain, she wouldn't be easily ignored.

# 34 Theresa Marie Fenger - Pageants' pundits were quite sad with her untimely resignation. It wasn't clear though the exact reason why she backed out from the competition but rumor has it that it's been closely related to the supposed FHM sexy photos she did. She formally resigned right before the BBP panel decided to disqualify her. She's a strong contender and a potential winner. Such a loss!

#39 Mutya Datul - She's undeniably one of the great faces of the competition. Her sweet demeanor coupled with that distinctly yet innocent sensual mien made her shine even brighter. What I am worried about is her communication skills which ain't that pretty enticing. I would greatly appreciate though if she speaks Tagalog or Filipino rather than expressing herself in English which obviously she's not comfortable with.

#34 Grace Yann Apuad - She could pull a more amazing and striking look, should she wear a longer, and gorgeous hairdo. A much more toned abs and lovehandles would also make her more attractive. She already have the goods, all she needs to do now is to continuously improve or enhance what she has.

Group 5 (Candidates 41-50)

#41 Arielle Arida - I have always admired ladies blessed with legs that seem to stretch endlessly. She knows pretty well what works on her and what's best for her. Ara will definitely give the other girls in the competition a run for their money.

#45 Imelda Schweighart - I just love this girl! Her youthful mestiza features and bombshell figure are simply enchanting and quite alluring. She's a perfect girlfriend material for me. Yay!

#50 Maria Cristina Ann Pascual - She got a striking resemblance to the late Binibining Pilipinas-International 2009 Melody Gersbach. Although the latter is way prettier, Maria has her own kind of beauty that sets her apart from the rest.

#44 Gabrielle Runnstrom - I just love how she enjoyed her time as she sashayed on stage. Bubbly, beautiful and confident, this girl would do pretty well in the competition


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