Sunday, March 3, 2013

My current Binibini bet to succeed Janine Tugonon's throne is none other than the statuesque, exquisite morena beauty Anna Fernandina Buquid. It's noteworthy mentioning that  'Buquid' is actually a Filipino term for 'Mountain' and being the tallest candidate of this year's batch, that nearly peculiar family name compliments well with her towering form.  The twenty-two year-old student from the College of Saint Benilde stands high at 5'11 3/4'' and having been endowed with such skyscraping height put her well in a rather relatively favorable position to bag even the most sought-after crown of Bb. Pilipinas-Universe (barring politics, final performance, and the nerve-racking Q&A). Her impeccably beauteous Asian features and almost perfectly toned physical stance made her even more a stand-out above the rest. And how I love to gaze those modelesque arms and legs that seem to stretch with no end? I just can imagine how ravishing she would become the moment she'll rock the stage with that striking evening gown and enchanting catwalk skills! Such a beautiful scenery that will be..I wish! I am quite certain that her handlers know pretty well how to use these strengths to her own advantage. 'Tis my sincerest desire from now onwards, that just like her last name, may it be that her fate would also rise eminently in the final judgment day. Best of luck Anna Buquid..:-)


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